Preparing Your Summer Body for Fall

We work all summer to achieve "beach bodies" and make working out and eating healthy a priority.  But once summer fades and fall arrives, we find it difficult to stay committed to our health and make the time to workout.  We get busy shopping, traveling for the holidays, eating lots of good (and unhealthy) foods... I'm guilty of all of these myself!

This year, I want to be intentional about taking care of myself through the holidays. So I have made some "Winter Resolutions":

1. There's no reason I can't wake up early to get in a 30 minute workout before starting my day. Luckily I enjoy working out at home and have the space to do so.  If you are used to going for a run or walk outside and the colder weather is your excuse not to do it, now is the perfect time to try out yoga or take a fitness class at a local gym.  Get your friends involved so you can hold each other accountable!

2. I will continue to meal prep each week to make sure my family has healthy choices available (and to avoid the "What are we going to eat?" and "Let's just pick something up." lines).  Meal prepping is a life saver when it comes to making good decisions in the kitchen.

3. I will make sure to drink my Shakeology every day, whether for breakfast on the busier days or as a meal when we travel.  Besides the fact that it improved my health in a hundred ways, it tastes like a treat!

4. I will remember to enjoy the holiday meals and desserts IN MODERATION. Yes, I will have pumpkin pie, or pecan pie, or sweet potato soufflé.  BUT only small servings and not every day.  I am stronger than the pull of the sweet tooth craving.  I have a figure to keep! ;) You don't have to deny yourself, just reign it in. I try to follow the 80/20 rule: healthy choices 80% of the time and indulgences 20% of the time.  It helps keep me sane and then I do not feel deprived. 

Will you join me in taking care of yourself over the holidays?
Do you need motivation, encouragement or accountability to do so?
If so, this group will be for you!  I would love to support you on your journey and have you hold me accountable as well!