Save the Date

I am attempting several DIY projects for our wedding, and thought I would share them here with you. I am currently working on our wedding invitations and they are a huge job! The main reason for that (besides the number I have to make) is probably because I'm so darn picky and a perfectionist! :) First up for show is our save the date:

We used our wedding photographer's photo booth (Wes Sewell Photography) and I printed out the signs we're holding. It took us about eight tries to get a strip that worked since we only had three seconds between shots to change signs and look pretty! It was a little hectic, but still a fun experience and everyone has really liked them.

Above are the invitations I created for our engagement party. I printed the information on vellum and attached it on top of navy cardstock by punching holes in the top and tying them together with raffia. (FYI: If your envelope is thicker than 1/4" you will have to add extra postage. I found this out the hard way when I went to mail these. My hand tied bow was just too thick! Lesson learned!) All in all, I think they turned out quite cute. :)

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Feature Photo Friday

I took this photo of the exterior of an old, abandoned house. I love the textures of the wood and brick together, the colors in the brick, the contrast between the two materials and the dark spaces beyond the wood that give it more dimension.

Wedding Progress

(floral and reception inspiration)

The wedding planning is coming along nicely and we haven't encountered any bumps in the road as of yet. So far, items I have completed and checked off my list are booking the preacher, the DJ, the photographer, the florist, decided on flowers, ordered the cake, secured the tent and chair rentals, booked the honeymoon, sent out save the dates, decided on bridesmaid dresses and I found my dress! We have been accumulating jars and various items for the reception decorations, and I have been working on our invitation design.

The one major item we still have to decide on is the food. This is going to be our largest expense (since it was one item not included in what we won) and it has been stressing me out the most! With every catering company I call for pricing estimates, they're all a minimum of $10 per person. Considering we will have between 200 and 300 guests, that's at least $2,000 and at most $3,000! Oh my..

(cake design we have chosen)

Maybe we should just eat cake! :)