Welcome! If you are on this page, you probably have a desire to lead and inspire, a passion for supporting others and a curiosity about whether or not coaching is right for you.


Personally, I initially signed up as just a discount coach after trying T25 and loving the results I got from that and drinking Shakeology. The idea of helping others spoke to me in the back of my mind, and a little encouragement, support and motivation from Team Fusion and the Challenge Group I was a part of helped decide to jump into the coaching world full force. It's been SO much fun meeting new people and so rewarding helping others reach their goals and seeing their transformations. It's easy for me to be passionate about the products, because I've experienced and seen firsthand the results!

This team of coaches that I've become a part of are so positive, supportive, encouraging and motivational (to name a few qualities). Being part of the Beachbody coaching opportunity has improved my confidence, improved my health, holds me accountable, provides a support system, educates me daily and I'm earning an income- with the goal of becoming debt free.

It's not a cake walk. It's not a pyramid scheme. You will only be as successful as the effort you put into it. But you can be successful!
Check out this video for lots of great info and answers to our most frequently asked questions!

As a Team Fusion Coach, you DO NOT have to:

  • Be a professional health of fitness expert
  • Be a salesperson (we prefer you  not to be!)
  • Be at your goal weight or perfect body (People like to follow your journey!)

As a Team Fusion Coach, you DO need to:
  • Have a desire and passion to help others become healthier and happier.
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Be dedicated to your personal journey.
  • Be coachable!

I personally mentor five new coaches each month to find success in this business that I have become so passionate about.  If you would like one of those spots, are ready to grow your business and create financial freedom and personal success, apply HERE.