Leave of Absence

Since my last post, life has held me captive, albeit in a good way!

I will try to quickly update on our life since 2010...

I left you hanging with our wedding planning... 
We were married in November 2010 at Lakes Chapel and Clubhouse in Lake Park, Georgia.  
It was a beautiful location, all of our close friends and family were there and it was a wonderful celebration!

We honeymooned in Gatlinburg, Tennessee:

Before the wedding we moved to Fort Walton Beach, Florida, where my husband is originally from.  
It's nice to live in "paradise" and enjoy the beautiful beaches anytime we want to! (tourist season on the other hand...)

Fast forward to 2012. 
This is the year we bought our first home and became first time parents!

Since Reagan has come into our lives, time seems to be flying by!  She brings us so much joy and entertainment, and we try to cherish every moment because we know one day she will be grown and out on her own adventures!

As a family we have attended Braves games, Auburn football games, traveled to Branson, Missouri, flown to Atlanta and driven all over to visit family.  Justin and I have also taken vacations (or work trips) to Colorado, Las Vegas, Canada, Philadelphia, Indiana and Costa Rica!

So that brings us up to the summer of 2015. 
I may write about some of those past adventures and I will try to do a better job of keeping track of our new adventures!