Our "daughter"

Meet Addie. My terror sweet german shorthair pointer. She is just over a year old and definitely spoiled rotten. She travels with us everywhere we go and loves hanging out the window, as you can see below. Justin and I are on the road every weekend seeing each other (he lives 240 miles away in Fort Walton Beach and I'm in Valdosta) and visiting our families in Florida, Alabama, south and north Georgia. So Addie is no stranger to the road trip.

She is very intelligent and understands alot of commands, but she is also very hardheaded and stubborn. Sometimes when I call her she will just stand there and stare at me, or take off and run laps around the yard. She passed the beginner training class at PetSmart last year, and I have to say, that was defintely money well spent! Dogs such as Addie, who are sporting breeds, have tons of energy and need alot of exercise and training, otherwise they can become unmanageable.

She knows when you're taking her picture. When the camera is pointed her way she will hold real still... Also, you hardly ever see her without a toy in her mouth! Which I suppose is better than my shoes...