One Pan Baked Fish and Veggies

This is a super easy dish to make and doesn't require a ton of prep. It's also healthy and works well with any type of vegetable!

Ingredients (what I used):
- extra virgin olive oil
- two sweet potatos, cubed
- 1/2 lb fingerling potatoes
- one leek, sliced 
- sea salt and pepper to taste
- minced garlic
- onion powder
- mustard powder
- 1-2 lb snapper fillet

  • Preheat oven to 425°. 
  • Toss leek (or chopped onions) and potatoes with olive oil and garlic in a large baking dish; season with salt and pepper, then add ¼ cup water. Roast, tossing once, until potatoes are fork-tender, 20–25 minutes. 
  • Meanwhile, season both sides of snapper fillet with garlic, mustard and onion powder, salt and pepper. 
  • Remove onions and potatoes from oven and turn on the broiler. Place fish on top of vegetables and broil until fish is cooked through and starting to brown on top, 8–10 minutes.

    Serve with lemon wedges and enjoy!

    (On the 21 Day Fix meal plan, this equals one red, one yellow and one teaspoon.)