Six Easy Steps to Start Eating Clean

The idea of eating clean can seem overwhelming, time consuming and complicated. But it doesn't have to be!  I always recommend starting small, so i wanted to share six simple steps to help you transition into clean eating.

  1. Use simple ingredients. Stick to the basics with vegetables, protein and whole grains. Cook what you know! Use natural herbs and spices to add flavor and avoid processed or artificial foods, sauces and seasonings. 
  2. Start small.  Find one or two healthy recipes you would like to try for the week. This will allow you to experiment with a new way of cooking and get the hang of it without being overwhelmed. 
  3. Plan for leftovers. Cook a couple extra servings of your meals to have on hand later in the week. It will make your lunch or dinner choices so much easier and quicker! 
  4. Plan out your day. Ideally you should eat 5-6 small meals in the day to keep your metabolism revved up. If you are used to eating 3 meals a day, just divide the food up that you normally eat and spread it across five or six smaller meals. This way you increase your meals, but not your calorie intake.
  5. Make small changes. You don't need to throw all the "bad" foods out and go on a shopping spree for clean foods. Instead, switch out at least one ingredient for a healthier option as they run out. For example, when you use up all of your white pasta or rice, buy 100% whole grain to replace it. 
  6. Keep healthy options available. You will make better choices if better choices are available to you! Try to keep some healthy snacks around (at home, in the car, at work) such as protein bars, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, etc. 
I hope you found this helpful! I would love to hear your ideas and tips on clean eating in the comments below!

Please feel free to reach out if you would like more personal support or advice.