A Surprise and a Bump in the Road

We received a sweet little surprise last week. Steel's Jewelry (who gave us our rings in the wedding giveaway contest) featured us in their catalog! There was a nice write up about the contest and a couple pictures of Justin and I. It's kind of neat to see yourself in print!

On a more sour note, when all of the paper I ordered to print my invitations on came in, it was not the same thickness as the original paper in the store. Turns out the manufacturer changed the way they made it or something. This now thinner paper would not work for the way I was planning to make my invites, unless I was to adhere two pieces together with spray adhesive (which meant lots more time and money). I spent about 45 minutes in the store speaking first with two associates and finally a manager about my dilemma. I will admit I had my first wedding breakdown right there at the front of the store while talking with the manager (and all the customers curiously staring at me, probably wondering why in the world some girl would be crying in a crafts store!). To make a long story short, the manager offered to re-order the paper and if it came in thin again and I had to adhere them together, she would give the paper to me for free! (Cue the tears again..) The manager was super sweet and helpful, and definitely did not have to give me $200 worth of paper.

So now I'm waiting on the paper to come in to be able to finish up the inviations and get them sent out by the end of September. I actually think the two pieces adhered together will turn out better than the one piece, since the single piece did not have the textured finish on both sides. I suppose more work is going to equal a better product!