The Proposal

As you already know, Justin and I won our wedding through a local radio station here in Valdosta, and part of the package we won included our rings from Steel's Jewelry. I knew when he picked up the ring (since I also picked his up) and this made it harder on him to plan a proposal that would suprise me. I was now expecting it every time I saw him! One reason I was so anxious for it to happen was because our family and friends knew we had won a wedding, yet we were not engaged, and I felt like that confused people. Not to mention I was ready to start planning! He was able to hold out for about 6 weeks after picking up the ring from Steel's, and was actually able to catch me off guard.

It was an early Monday morning and I was up and ready for work, so I decided to be sweet and cook us some breakfast. The following weekend would actually be the first weekend since we met that we would not be able to see one another. As I'm cooking, Justin and I are talking and while I'm in a chipper mood, he seems to be acting a little strange, like there's something he wants to say but doesn't know how. I figured he was just worried about my feelings since he knew I wanted to be engaged soon and he hadn't asked yet, so I tried to steer clear of all wedding talk.

Once breakfast was ready and we were about to sit down to eat, Justin asked me where my multi-vitamins were. (As a side note, he's always encouraging me to eat healthy and makes sure I take a multi-vitamin everyday!) I told him where they were, he went and got one for me and as he sat down I opened my hand for the pill, but to my complete suprise, instead of a pill falling into my hand it was the ring!! I was speechless. Justin proceeded to get down on one knee and tell me how much he loved me, that he wanted to spend his life with me, that he couldn't wait another two weeks and would I marry him. And as you all know I said yes!